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    Hugo Antonin must interrogate the rather reticent Milos Den on suspicion of theft. During the interrogation, Milos denies the theft. It seems that Milos was caught on camera stealing the wallet. Hugo explains that he must conduct a thorough search to be sure. Hugo sees this as a chance to have some fun instead of calling the police. He gets a protesting Milos to jerk him off. He tells Milos that he has to suck his dick. Hugo turns him over on his knees and inserts his hard cock into Milosh's tight asshole. His cock gets hard as he jerks it off, and soon he is flooding the table and his hot body with his hot cum. Hugo pulls his cock out and pours out his creamy cum, too. Igor Uranus arrests Ivan Jourdan, whom he has caught stealing his wallet. He brings Ivan into his office to talk to him about it. He asks Ivan to confess, which he does to avoid police intervention. Ivan hands over the wallet, but Igor is not finished. He insists that he must search Ivan to make sure nothing else is stolen. Igor has a plan that he must get sexual satisfaction before he can let Ivan go. Very quickly Ivan's mouth is on the big cock, and he sucks it diligently. That big cock stands proud as Ivan lays down on the table and feels it being pushed up his ass. The big cock fucks hard into Ivan's hole, and he grabs his own cock and starts jerking it off. He spits out his creamy cum as Igor fucks him hard in his asshole. Igor jerks his cock and cum on Ivan's chest. Robin Tesarek is detained, suspected of theft. Security guard Milos Dena threatens to call the police if Robin does not return the stolen money. Milos has an idea how Robin can avoid police intervention. In the end, Robin has to agree to suck Milos' hard cock. Soon that big cock penetrates deep into Robin's hot ass and fucks her hard. Robin's cock gets hard, too, because he gets fucked so well. Milos comes out of his ass and pours his cum all over Robin's hot body.