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    Peter has had a long day at work, and when he gets home, they both have a birthday party to get ready for. Dante tells Peter to go into the bedroom, and Peter isn't too happy about it until he sees that Dante is naked, only wearing red ribbon. Skyler bursts into the garage, barks orders at Jimmy, who stands firm and takes no shit from the guy. Skyler, having been rebuffed, follows orders and is soon on his knees, worshipping Jimmy's fat cock. Chase has a hot boss named Dean, and every weekend Dean makes Chase come to him to be his servant, but today is different. He wants him to serve his dick. Liam interviews Teddy for a new job as his assistant. Liam claims he knows exactly what to do without any training. As soon as Teddy hears Liam bragging about how good he is at his job, he gets up and unzips his pants right in his face.