For Catholic men, nothing is more important than making your father happy. For a gay priest, there is nothing better than hearing the boys say, "Yes, father." Given how submissive these boys are, it's no surprise that older men often enjoy their trust. These religious serials tell about all the dirty secrets that the Church does not want you to reveal ... When Father Fiore is finally alone with Mason, he is sure that he has found the perfect student, but he needs to know one important thing. Can Mason keep secrets? Marcus is afraid to tell anyone about his feelings for the boys, but finds Father Oaks understanding and even encouraging. Gallo's father chooses Dakota as the altar, knowing what a difficult path the boy went through and how grateful he would be for such an honor. Carter has been seduced and seduced by his lustful desires several times, and now Father Oaks has to help the guy with his insatiable thirst for hard cock!