TitanMen-exclusive Matthew Bosch takes off outside Fort Worth - but what kind of adventure awaits him in the scorching Texas sun? And what clandestine deals are fueling West Texas Park & ​​Ride? Director Joe Gage slowly unravels the intrigue with his masterful take on dark affairs in America's small town. Matthew Bosch comes in for information from fellow rogue Dakota Rivers, but gets something else from a seasoned operative. Security expert Luke Adams asks too many questions to boss Tex Davidson, so the businessman covers his mouth before turning him over. Caught in a compromising position by officer Jeremy Spreadams, blue-collar Jason Vario fucked his way out of a predicament. Undercover agents Matthew Bosch and Jason Vario are ready to handcuff the criminal Luke Adams, who will do everything to get leniency from the long arms of the law.


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