When Eli Black catches his stepbrother Aspen jerking off in his room and sniffing his panties, he has two choices: get mad or get even. Luckily for Aspen, Ali is the kind of brother who can appreciate the sudden discovery that there's a secret cock pig in the house. Donte Fat likes nothing better to do on weekends than get out into nature, but when he stumbles upon Johnny Hill and Dakota Red hiding behind a tree. Watching them from behind a bush, Donte gets excited at the thought of joining them, and when Johnny spots him, Donte immediately comes out and asks them both if he can join. Dante Martin and Michael Boston, who are tasked with loading cargo for the move, have other things on their minds. Dalton Riley and Will Brown are very upset to learn that the hotel has mixed up their reservations and put them in the same double bed. Both exhausted, they try to make the most of it, and when Dalton's piquant boner rests against Will's ass, it turns out to be a blessing that they both harbor secret feelings.