Giddy Up Piggies! RAWHIDE is a new collection of gut-busting piggies scenes directed by TIMFUCK's NICK MORETTI. With plenty of hot and incredible duos like JACE CHAMBERS and RYAN POWERS in a sling, real husbands FELIPE DURAN and SEAN DURAN in their first public porn fuck, blindfolded by RILEY MITCHEL, used by RAY DIESEL, CLAY TOWERS & BLAKE HOUSTON in what starts as an anon pump and dump and ends as a super fuck on the high seas - an awesome 3-way between JAKE MORGAN, JON GALT & VIC ROCCO - and a grand finale: one of Moretti's signature gang with American hero SEAN HARDING fenced by JAYS, SEAN, DAVIANT OTTER & JAXX THANATOS.