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    Brad (Michael Del Rey) does not know why he received a mysterious invitation to a mysterious house. Since the whole situation is shrouded in mystery, he thinks he is participating in a reality show. Upon arrival, Brad is greeted by the maitre d' (Lance Hart), who asks him for an invitation and his cell phone. Brad reluctantly gives up his phone. He has to check on his husband once he's inside. Despite his doubts, Brad intends to win the prize if he really is on the reality show, and he gives up his phone. The next guests to arrive at the mystery party are power couple Toby (Michael Boston) and Robert. Toby is annoyed that they came to the event without information, and Robert tries to calm his lover's frayed nerves. Brad approaches the couple and tells them his theory that the dinner party is a game show. In the end, they are all flown across the country by plane and put up in hotels for the evening. As they try to unravel the meaning of the dinner party, the men discuss how they could have been connected. While brainstorming, Toby notices a very familiar painting on the wall. It was a one-of-a-kind painting that belonged to his ex-boyfriend, James Montgomery (Johnny Ford). As soon as he mentions James' name, Brad says he knows a guy named James Montgomery, too. He was his first shag when they were eighteen years old. Brad tells the story of their steamy encounter, and we get a firsthand look at their virgin adventures through young Brad (Trevor Harris) and young James (Johnny Hunter).Once Brad finishes telling his story, the guys disperse into the party. Brad is content with knowing the connection as the new guests arrive. Once Brad sees Sebastian (Chris Damned), he asks if he knows James Montgomery. Unwilling to answer the question, Sebastian leaves. Brad tries again, addressing the mystery man lurking in the yard. He, too, ignores him. Fortunately for Brad, Kenny (Dakota Payne) joins the party, who, to Toby's dismay, doesn't mind talking. Kenny is a party animal, and Toby accuses him of slinging with his then-boyfriend James when they were still together. Kenny ignores Toby's accusations and goes for a dip in the pool. Sebastian likes what he sees and approaches Kenny. Kenny recognizes Sebastian as a man for hire, and Sebastian offers Kenny a taste for free. After sex, Sebastian and Kenny sneak into the dressing room to have oral sex. Afterwards, Sebastian and Kenny join the other guests at the dinner table where the maitre d' is serving dinner. Brad tells the maitre d' that they have it all figured out and that James is the host. Robert and Toby ask if they can speed up the evening now that they know. To no avail. The maitre d' tells them that everything will soon be known.