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    Jeremy Robbins Screentest has him paired with Misko Sinak. Both guys are very good looking, and they start out by oiling each other. Jeremy releases Misko's towel and he pushes him down on the bed, laying on him as they continue kissing. He sucks on the nipples as he works his way down to Misko's cock which he then takes in his mouth. Jeremy sucks on that cock, making it hard in his mouth. Jeremy Robbins is listening to some music and joining in too when Radek Cerveny arrives. Turned on, Jeremy turns around and kneels to kiss Radek's chest too. He then starts to wank and suck on Radek's rock hard cock. He reaches around and rubs Radek's ass too as he sucks on the stiff cock. Wank Party 115 features Ivanek Ukara, Peto Mohac, Miska Sinak, Jeremy Robbins. In this first part as they are sitting on the sofa and chatting. Lots of kissing and groping happen and then Jeremy's shorts are pulled down as he sits on the back of the sofa. With Jeremy's big cock exposed Peto starts to suck on it as Ivanek leans over to suck and nibble the balls. In this second part, we join the action as the rimming comes to an end and the fucking is about to start. The guys have quick kisses, in pairs and then Ivanek and Jeremy sit on the sofa, their cocks rock hard so that Misko and Peto can ride them. Misko sits his hot ass hole down on Ivanek's throbbing cock and Peto does the same to Jeremy. Dr. Jeremy Robbins is in the office when Mirek Dujak arrives for a Czech Up. He tells Mirek that he has to check the groin, so off come the jeans, and Mirek stands naked. Jeremy uses his hands to check the thighs and then he lifts the cock and checks Mirke's balls. As he holds the balls he leans forward and takes Mirek's cock in his mouth. He sucks on the cock and wanks it.