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    These days, trouble can be found wherever you look for it, and sometimes it finds you. In "Taken," director Trenton Ducati takes five men on a wild ride full of rudeness, toughness, irresistible tendencies and kinky sex. Next time you're out on the street, be vigilant or you might get grabbed and fucked at the mercy of some horny predator. Or you may find yourself prey. When janitor Jessie Zeppelin spots Kirk Cummings walking alone, Jess takes the stud to a secret bathroom to fuck him as he pleases. Sketch pervert Jack Dyer brings Taylor Rain and Johnny Ford to his hideout to dominate them, but he may have brought the wrong two guys. After sucking his cock, Johnny and Taylor overpower their master and give him the same treatment he gave them, only ten times harder, with gags, electrocution, and naked sex.