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    Within the walls of the infamous Hot House Studios lies a studio space where horny stars, lusty crew hands and bulging directors say, "Take Me to Gripland." Directors Trenton Ducati and Yasun Mark shoot seven lusty studios coming out on the porn set between takes. "Watch what really happens behind the scenes in Take Me to Gripland," says Trenton Ducati. When the scene ends, the crew tells Austin Avery and Arad Winwin to run off and fuck with some studio equipment. While building sets for the next film, Nick Sahara and Adrian Hart get horny and decide to take the sexual tension off each other. Austin is scouting locations with director Dillon Diaz when the rehearsal turns into a real bargain, leaving both of their bags drained. Newcomer Devin Franco helps Johnny Ford get the studio in order for the next film, and both studios end up multiplying each other's pits.