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    Warning: This movie will overpower you, seduce you, and you'll quickly subscribe to its mantra: "Surrender to Deviance." Stag Homme filmmakers Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho claim to have the dirtiest porn of reality, and they rise to put their money -- and their dicks -- where their mouths are. They have founded an entire studio with a one-line manifesto: Surrender to Deviance, always filming men whose appetite for sex is relentless and insatiable. These hot European studios don't care if anyone is watching (they might like it better that way), and Damien and Francesco set the example by leaving no stone unturned, cock without a suction cup and ass without a suction cup in pursuit of pleasure and its delivery. First, Damien and rising star, Dato' Foland, surrender their immediate need to fuck by bursting through the door and getting right into business. In separate scenes, Damien convinces two anonymous straight guys to surrender, allowing Damien to suck their dicks: no strings attached. Sex doesn't get any more anonymous than that. Amazingly beautiful Goran and Javi surrender to the moment in nature, and Javi surrenders his virgin ass in the woods by the babbling brook. Leo Domenico plans to enjoy the sun and jerk off in the rooftop hot tub. Emerging from the depths, Francesco D'Macho calls for a change of plan. Be your lustful self. Follow your sexual desires. Indulge in pure, unconscious terror and surrender to Deviance.