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    Summer is just beginning for these boys, and with Daniel now at his vacation home in the middle of nowhere, his only entertainment will be studying, that is until the gardeners arrive, Nick and Danny go inside to check out the new guy, and with a beer in hand, Danny makes the first move that Daniel will understand! Starting with kissing, they soon take their clothes off and Daniel ends up lying on his back and Danny sucks him off while Nick sucks his dick! We all know what happens next! To be fair, the view from Daniel's summer house is very nice! Especially from Adam, who is busy sucking Timmy next to the lake. Not surprisingly, Adam is momentarily busy thinking about what he will do with the boy once he is done suckling him, the result, not disappointing! For the third scene, after Felix raises the alarm that the milk might explode, the boys taste it, and soon John is pouring it over himself and Felix! Soon the boys are covered up, and with John on his lap pleasing Felix, it's a hell of a show for Daniel, who was looking out the window at the beginning of the scene! Not surprisingly, Felix soon covers John to prepare him for what comes next! And while Daniel may be busy when Danny arrives, the apple festival just begins as these boys get naked and enjoy each other's bodies, only Danny knows all too well that Daniel is able to fit in his hole! Soon the apple will be on its way! But that's only to open Daniel up a bit so that Danny can go right in with his dick! Needless to say, Daniel will find himself covered in cum and eating the apple!