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    Performer and director Trenton Ducati, a dirty fuck with a twisted imagination, takes us into the sweat and semen stained cells of Dorchester Correctional Facility, where the corrupt head guard is the violent and sadistic dirty daddy Miles Landon. From the beginning, Officer Miles proves that he is here to break in and break down the inmates he supervises. On their first day in prison, two young punks, Nate Grimes and Drew Dixon, find themselves at the mercy of Miles and his lessons, which leave their dicks dripping with cum. Once again handcuffed and with his balls caught in a C-clamp, Nate watches with a mixture of disgust and arousal as his fellow inmate Drew is chained to a table with a boot around his neck and repeatedly abused by Officer Miles' thick cock. Eventually, Nate is forced to kneel down and eat his buddy's well-fucked ass, when Drew wisely surrenders and begins to find pleasure in his cruel punishment. When inmate Devin Franco is fished out of his cell by another vicious guard, Drew Sebastian, Devin is dragged back to his cell by the perverted guard for a surprise inspection of his hole. After the guard's taunting, Devin finally cums on his own ripped belly, which prompts Drew to discharge on him as well, whereupon he pulls out a marker and tags him with "prison bitch" on his chest. It's just the price you have to pay to make the punishment fit the crime when you serve a heavy sentence in "Submission Prison."