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    When Johnny B. mixes up his contacts, he ends up with twice as many Michaels as he expected. As Michael Jackman and Michael Boston fail, he ends up with twice as many as he expected. Michael Jackman and Jackson Cooper aren't any smarter than Will Brown when it comes to science, but like him, their fucking abilities are really major class material. Maybe all three of them should forget about college and do porn instead. As finals approach, Adonis Cole and Andre Gray try to study but are too distracted by the lure of each other's company to pay attention to their books, and when handsome Princeton Price belatedly makes his way in, it becomes official: this is one study group that is too hot to study together. It's fun and it's fun and it's fun. That's exactly what happens when Anthony Moore, Dakota Payne and Roman Todd get together. There's plenty of action on the menu in this tornado of sex and fun.