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    Stag Perverts is a film about ridiculous sex served with Spanish gusto and spunk. Produced by Stag Homme, a Madrid studio founded by Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho, this release shows how these two superstars can work with both the camera and the man. Damien is the kind of guy who is just as likely to introduce himself by sticking out his dick as he is his hand. Stick his dick in him and he'll never choke, shut up or give any indication that he's been challenged. You'll find the proof here at Stag Perverts, with whom Crosse has partnered with D'Macho. Antonio Aguilera's gorgeously ripped, muscular and hairless torso lures Damien into the shower, where he will do whatever Antonio wants to be on the receiving end of this macho man. Later, Damien tangles with Goran in a romp that is on par with passion and lust. Antonio returns as Francesco's direct neighbor. They jerk off together, and Francesco convinces Antonio to try what a man's body has to offer. Out on the road, Francesco and Alejandro Mango decide to do it on the road, where the risk of getting caught makes the sex hotter. Embracing the trio of performances, Francesco puts on a blindfold and allows himself to be taken verbally and anally by an anonymous, enigmatic man. Francesco's trick is to be tough and invisible. Stag Homme always serves up the most delicious shot, and with Stag Perverts he is served with a heavy load, with a lot of help from the pervert on his side.