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    Robin Tebarek finds himself naked except for his underwear, with his wrists and ankles shackled and his mouth gagged. He is kneeling on the bed, trying to free himself when his tormentor appears. He has a whip with him, with which he soon begins beating Robin's sexy ass. The strap on the jockstrap tightens into the slit of Robin's sexy ass, and he feels his ass being pounded. A finger rubs Robin's hairy hole, teasing it as he wriggles. Oily hands slap hard against his red cheeks, leaving handprints. The strap-on comes down, and the hot hole is shown again as her cheeks spread wide apart. A finger penetrates the tight hole as Robin continues to moan. Oil is dripped on the hole and rubbed. The finger penetrates the hole, penetrating deeply and pleasurably. Then the torturer relents and rests Robin on his back so he can jerk himself off. His nipples twitch and he jerks hard and fast until he shoots creamy cum all over his hot body. Lukie Kolak is blindfolded, gagged, shackled, and wearing only his underpants on his knees wriggling around. He feels his tormentor get to work. His ass can be felt with his hand as the strap clamps down on his asshole. Then all the straps tighten on his ass and his hands slap his cheeks. The hand lands hard on his cheeks as they begin to turn red. The strap is pulled off the butt and the cheeks are slapped hard. A finger rubs against Luca's tight hole, too. His big cock is hard, too, and it too is being jerked and then spanked. The fingers of each hand penetrate the hole, opening it. Then, after another spanking, Luca is allowed to lie on his back and jerk off while his chest is also spanked. He continues jerking off until he spews his hot cum all over his body. The tormentor grabs his flaccid cock and milks it to make sure every drop is drained out.