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    Dave Swanson is shackled, gagged, and blindfolded. He is also on his knees, with his bare ass in a swaying strap-on, when his tormentor arrives and begins to feel his sexy body. His hands move to Dave's ass and spread his cheeks before spanking them hard. Dave's hair, which he also tugged as he was spanked on his ass. His butt cheeks spread out to reveal his hole, which opens up nicely. Dave writhes as heavy hands land on his ass cheeks. His balls are pulled out between his legs and his cock is released, too. Then he comes back to spank his cheeks. Riding crop is used, spanked and ass rubbed. The crop is also rubbed on the butt before it is discarded so his hands can spank it again. Milos Dina is lying on a chair, shackled and gagged on his ass, too, completely naked as he wriggles. In the presence of his tormentor, he begins to feel Milosh, slapping his face and then his chest. More spanking on his ass and then releasing Milosh's cock and balls. The cock jerks a little and the balls are pulled and squeezed. The finger rubs the hole and then pushes inside. Milos groans as the finger works his hole. Then they take it off and spank his ass, going up his thighs, too. This cock is played too in between ass spankings. Karel Conrad is on his knees, bare-assed, as his ankles and wrists are shackled and his mouth is gagged. His tormentor is also present and soon slaps those sexy asses. Hands spread ass cheeks, too, to expose a hot hole. With ass cheeks flushed from spanking and squeezing Karel's cock and balls pulling too, between his legs. His hot hole is shown as his cheeks squeeze and his heavy hands spank his hole hard, too. Karel writhes around and moans like that hot asshole in punishment. A finger goes deep into the hole and pulls out. He goes in and out, all the way, humping his asshole as his cheeks are spanked.