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    This very hot Dreamset suggested by Floris features Thomas Berger, Alan Hemar and Jan Nurad. Thomas and Alan are sitting and chatting while waiting for Ian to arrive when Alan's friend calls. She reports that Jan beat her and had sex with her. Alan and Thomas decide that they must take revenge on him when he arrives. Therefore, they ask Jan when he comes, quickly overpower him and gag him. Alan holds him in the chair, and Thomas ties Ian's hands behind him. As Ian groans, Alan and Thomas grope him. Opening Jan's jeans, Thomas finds a hard cock, which he jerks off. Libor Bouchek is checking text messages on his phone when Gerasim Spartak arrives and demands a kiss. These hot guys are really starting to give in and grope for each other. Libor unbuttons Gerasim's shirts and kisses him on the chest. The shirt comes off and they return to kissing as Gerasim climbs inside Libor's pants to pull out his hard cock. He also pulls on the top of the Libor by kissing the nipples. Then Gerasim pulled down his pants to free his hard cock. Libor drops to his knees and takes his cock in his mouth. He sucks on this beautiful dick when Gerasim's thighs start to push. Gerasim fucks an impatient mouth as his balls tighten around the base of his trunk. Omer Turkan and Yan Nurad are sitting on the bed and talking on the phone, when Yan pulls Omer to him and starts kissing him. He pushes Omer onto his back, kneeling over him as they kiss. Ian then opens and pulls Omer's jeans off to release a lovely hard cock. He takes a hard cock in his mouth and hand and begins to suck and jerk off. Ian's tongue runs over the glans of his penis, and his lips tighten to suck. Then he jerks off that cock and Omer quickly drains his hot cum onto his stomach. Jan milks the cock and sucks the sperm out of it. He continues to suck this cock, and Omer feels his own body. Jan's hot mouth and hand keep working on this sticky cock, he also plays with one of Omer's nipples.