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    Peto Mohak is a handsome guy. He is as hot and handsome as we saw at his casting. Today he is naked except for his underwear, and he is shackled and gagged and blindfolded too. He struggles while lying face down on the bed, trying to free himself. His tormentor has other ideas riding Peto and slapping his ass. Peto groans as a heavy hand lands hard on that ass. His underwear is pulled up to his ass as his cheeks are spanked. Peto continues his manner when he feels his hand. His sexy ass blushes before covering up again. He then feels the ride as it lands on his ass too. Radek Cerveni is a very hot guy who is chained in wrists and ankles with his mouth glued on. He is wearing a tracksuit that shows off his sexy ass as he lies on the couch. His tormentor settles on Radek's legs and spanks his sexy ass. Holding Radek's hands behind his back, the other hand hits him hard in the ass. Then both hands squeeze the ass and spank her. Radek's hands went down, trying to protect his ass, but to no avail. He moans, feeling the sting of a hand on his ass. Sexy, cute Fero Seran blindfolded, gagged and shackled in the pantry. He is wearing a tracksuit that showcases his hot ass as he grapples with the shackles. His tormentor grabs that sexy ass and then spanks it too hard as Fero moans as he tries to free himself. Hands spanked this sexy ass and spread her cheeks to examine the narrow hole. Fero's denim strap is pulled down and that beautiful ass clenches, spanks and spreads a little more. Hands are felt between his legs and then the harvest is used. Tease him and then punch that hot ass.