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    Reuben: Reuben is a sexy, openly gay man who likes it rough, I'm a very dominant man I definitely don't make love, I definitely fuck. Don't let his innocent look fool you, he's a wild card and no one complains about it!
    Lachlan: Lachlan is an east coast bisexual with a good cock and a great ass! He has a top, so he likes to fuck big bubble asses, and on top of that, one of his fantasies is to get plowed! He loves nature and has a dream of living off the land. From a young age he has learned what to eat in the wilderness, what to avoid, and mostly how to survive in other things, of course! If we did get lost in the woods, I would definitely be the best person to get lost with, because I'm a lot of fun, and there would be lots of sex. Well, sign us up!
    Casey: Casey is the quiet type, but his soft voice and calm demeanor don't make up for all he is. "If I get sucked off, I like to put a fat load in their mouth." Obviously, underneath it all is a horny stud with a great body who just wants to let go...
    Kurt: Kurt is a 25-year-old, outgoing stallion from the Midwest. He has a fresh, young look, packed into a tight and toned frame, and is wittily charming. He studied photography for a while and now works as an HVAC technician. I love helping people!" says Kurt. I came out of the closet, and I was very lucky to grow up in a place where no one judged me.
    Jace: Meet Jace, a 26-year-old man who considers himself straight because he's never had the pleasure of having a hard rod up his ass! A virgin of the gay sex world, the dark-haired, muscular hunk admits to having toyed with it, but it only happened a few times. I found a dildo lying around the house. It was my roommates and I just used it, Jace says. My ass has never been played with, and I want my ass to be played with and licked and all that good stuff. Who wouldn't want to crawl into bed with a hot anal virgin?