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    Big Daddy Silver Steele comes to Masseuse Nick Fitt's weekly appointment. Nick's friend, Adrian Hart, is at home and has the brilliant idea of ​​pretending to be a masseuse when Nick is called to another job. After Silver discovers that he has been fooled by a hot young guy, he takes matters into his own hands and flips the switch. Everyone will feel relaxed and satisfied on this hot interracial sex journey.

    Dillon Diaz is a new intern and he is studying with Dr. DeAngelo. The two men are real alphas, but DeAngelo soon reveals who's in charge. These two hot men mix and care for each other's bodies, cocks and asses like only a good doctor could.

    Devon Trez thinks he'll come for a regular massage from Gorgeous Sylvia. The situation changes when he receives a healing touch from hot newbie Jake Waters. When Devon realizes that the stimulating massage is coming from a man, his desires go wild. Jake takes care of Devon's hot ass with his tongue and soon two men are fucking and sucking wildly.Rookie Jake Waters seems to have some sort of health issue that needs to be addressed. He goes to see his favorite doctor, Dr. Dillon Diaz. As Dillon examines Jake's beautiful body, the two men are very excited to each other. After a few injections from the doctor's side, stethoscopes are replaced by mouths, and fingers are replaced by hot limbs. Dylan drives his huge cock into Jake's tight hole. Two men explode all over the doctor's office.