The No Tell Motel is a small, modest motel located just off the Los Angeles-Vegas Interstate. Twenty miles from town in both directions, this quiet roadside motel is frequented by weary travelers and hot guys who want to meet up where no one knows their business: a place where no one is looking. But little do they know ... someone is watching! Join award-winning director Tony Dimarco and his horny bareback bullies who just want to suck their balls off where no one knows their business. After spending all day on the road, Devin Trez connects with Brian Bonds to propagate his burrow. As a result of an unexpected confusion, Dillon Diaz and Chris Damned find themselves in the same room, but both want to leave first before they know why. August Alexander strokes and twirls the apps as Brian Bonds bites and heads to the room for an epic fucking that will both wear them out. The mystery man Chris Damned sneaks into one of the guest rooms and jerks off on the bed, sniffing his worn out underwear. Kirk Cummings connects with Drew's old friend Sebastian while someone secretly watches him from the other side of the wall. The No Tell Motel is not as secret as it seems. Sign up, get out and get out!


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