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    Two very good-looking guys, Lev Lombard and Gerasim Spartacus, pair up for a hold-up wrestling match. They begin the match by quickly rolling across the floor in a scramble. Their hot bodies intertwine as they try to gain submission. Leo is the first to get a point after Gerasim submits. The match continues with these hot bodies rolling around the floor until a good takedown brings Gerasim another point. After the win, they sit down to jerk off, jerking each other off a bit as well. Then, as they jerk off to themselves, Lev is the first to spew his creamy mass. Gerasim continues jerking off until he too cums, then they wipe each other's cocks off and go to the shower to wash up. Philip Violet fights Fero Seran in a wrestling match In just their underpants, they start off with a warm-up and stretching. The two hot guys start wrestling each other. As they wrestle and fall, rolling around on the floor, they pull each other's shorts off to release their dicks and balls. Then the fight begins again as the hot, oily bodies slide across the floor. Fearan soon gains the upper hand and wins his 4 point. Faran quickly ejects his hot cum onto the floor. Tony continues jerking off and soon dumps his portion as well. Emil Tarnak and Peto Mohach are paired in a submission match. In just their underwear, they begin with warm-up exercises. Then they begin the bout, rolling around on the floor and grabbing each other. In the process, they quickly rip each other's underwear off. With their dicks and asses completely exposed, Emile quickly gets a good neck grab to get the first point. Then they jerk themselves off again, and Peto wins the race by cumming on the mats. Emile continues to jerk off hard until he lets out some cum, too. Then they wipe each other off and go to the shower to wash off the sweat and oil.