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    Two stunningly handsome guys from Str8, Tomas Salek and Ondra Tariq, in this doubles pitching match. They're both so handsome and each has a great body, too. They start off with a warm-up and then start the match. Ondra quickly shows off his skills to win the first submission. Those hot butts dissipate naturally and the cock rolls across the floor to get a decent grip. Ondra continues to show off his skills and moves in for a good lead. Thomas strains every tendon to gain submission and resorts to squeezing the ball to achieve his goal. The points are shared as they continue to wrestle, these hot bodies intertwined as they wrestle each other. With Ondra leading 7-4, they take a break to butter each other up. Alan Hemar and Ivan Gula look well matched in the submission battle. We start by doing some stretches to warm up. Then the bout begins. With the floor oiled, we know they will soon be flipping all over the place trying to get a foothold. And so it turns out that they are flipping oiled mats as they each try to get the other to comply. They're playful, too, trying to get their underwear off, and soon Alan's ass is on display. Alan is the first to be completely naked, but Ivan soon follows suit. Alan manages to score the first point, and they take a break to oil each other up. Then those slippery bodies intertwine again as each tries to get a grip on them. Those hot naked bodies look so good as the guys wrestle and roll around on the floor. Hugo Antonin and Peter Ugan are paired up in a submission struggle. These two Str8 guys start off with a stretch, wearing only their underwear. Then the match begins. The floor has been oiled, so they slide across the floor as they each try to get a decent grip. Hugo has Peter on the mat and playfully slaps his ass. Peter manages to turn the tables and slaps his ass, too. They slide across the table as they each try to get a hold of him.