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    Eric Janak and Oto Uceda in a pretend wrestling competition. Soon they have taken each other's underwear off. They each try so hard to hold up well, but it is Oto who emerges victorious to score the second point. Oto is eliminated the winner, though Eric's efforts are rewarded in one round. They are told to jerk each other off, or at least have the loser jerk off the winner, but Oto refuses to allow it. He jerks off himself and soon drops his hot cum on the mats. Martin Pesek and Oleg Hubert look so good, they roll all over the floor to get a hold of each other. Oleg takes off his underwear, leaving him naked, and soon Martin is naked too, using his underwear around his neck to score his first point. Then they lubricate each other with oil. With their bodies shiny and slippery, they resume the match, and Martin, too, quickly scores his first point. These hot bodies look so good as the roosters flap and asses spread out while they try to gain and advantage. With a lot of effort, Oleg manages to score enough points to win the match. Then they settle down to jerk off. They are also persuaded to jerk each other off briefly. Milan Neros and Thomas Berger are paired in a submission battle. As they scramble, they slide with each other, taking off their underwear. The first point is quickly awarded to Milan. Their bodies are covered in oil from the mats as they roll around trying to get a decent grip. Cocks swing and butts swing, giving great looks, and Thomas gets his first point. Then they pause to butter each other up. Then the match begins, and soon they're all over the floor again, with ball grabbing in an attempt to get a submission. Thomas moves into the lead using this technique and wins the match. Then they settle down to jerk off. They hold their cocks tight and jerk each other off for a while.