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    Our pair for an excellent wrestling match is Gerasim Spartak and Martin Polnak. In one underwear, they stretch a little to warm up and then start the match. They roll over the mats, intertwining with each other, and each of them tries to hold on. Their bodies, covered in oil, soon begin to gleam as they fight Gerasim, who obeys first. Before resuming the fight, the guys grease each other with oil, while the underwear becomes almost transparent. Karel OPEC plays against Petr Jarena in a submission match. They start with stretching exercises and then start the match. Petr's skinny underwear is paired with Karel's bandage and they look great as they slide across the oily rug trying to hold each other. Peter quickly gains the advantage by making the first serve. Then they get up and grease each other. Peter sprinkles oil on the entire surface of Karel, rubbing it, including putting his hand into the bandage to lubricate his penis. Then he turns Karel to grease his back and ass. Karel responds to the request and quickly covers Peter with oil. Petr Urana and Petr Ugen participate in a submission duel. In one underwear, they start out with stretching exercises. They then begin the duel, rolling quickly across the carpet, trying to keep each other decently. Each of them put in so much effort, and it is Peter Ur who is awarded the first point. He invites them to grease each other with oil, which they do. They then resume the fight, oily bodies glistening like a fight. They slide and slide over the mats, gripping each other, and soon both are completely naked, exposing cocks and asses.