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    Back home from college and left without a job, Johnny B. accepts his new stepfather's offer to train at his gym. As a trainer, Tristan Brazier spends most of his time molding men into what they want to become, but if he's going to make a man out of Johnny, it's not with a punching bag. Johnny Hunter is annoyed that his stepfather, Rick York, is living in his house until he finds a sexual advantage in the situation. When Devin Tyler gives Asher Devin some unexpected news about their family, Asher begins to calculate what it all means. They both thought they were related, but everything changes when Devin learns that his mother has been adopted. Asher suddenly realizes that his hot gay cousin isn't really related at all. Uncle Jack Dyer is working on his motorcycle, but he's in serious trouble. His step-nephew walks in and notices he's in trouble. Chandler Scott pretends to understand the motorcycle, but has no clue, and soon Jack is making moves and making him get down on his knees and suck his dick.