When the Staxus boys can't keep their hands off each other, it's clear that they're no longer just friends, as in the case of the latest edition of the SauVage DVD More Than Buddies, where Joel quickly gets his hands down Conors pants as soon as he's done showing him around!
    Joel and Conor aren't the only ones who are now more than friends, once Rami and John arrive at the farm before anyone else and get their daily battering ram! John quickly gets Rami's meat shaft in his mouth, and soon they're having a hell of a time, who would have thought you could get laid in a wheelbarrow? With all the excitement so far, the next scene could have been the best of this DVD, with Timmy and David looking for Conor, who would have known that these boys would soon be in a daisy chain where everything is on display! But it seems that David and Conor wanted each other more, and the broken bikes are just an excuse to get into each other's Lycra clothes as they clamber under the singletons, looking for an alternative plan for the day. Needless to say, their new plan is better than the original, as they soon engage in face-fucking, hole-cutting, festival-fucking, only to end up covered in hot cum!