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    Scene 1: Alex is a KIFFEUR sneaker twink who likes to unlock his friend Julien Welman's sneakers . Straight plan in his friend's apartment returning from a soccer game and just need a good spit wash !
    Scene 2: Jean Franco, a hot, manly guy in a mask, fondles the bulge in his shorts. Stani waits behind him in a cage in a dark room, eager to fulfill his master's desires. At first he can suck, but then he has to offer his ass for Jean to play with his hole and fuck him without a second thought.
    Scene 3: I filmed this scene in the city of CAEN. PTIT PAIN asked me to be fucked by BIG FRED. BIG FRED you already know, right? 21 cm, 2 m tall and a very manly voice. PTIT PAIN is usually active, and since he loves Big FRED, good lil PAIN sluts will have to obey and take orders from the Giant (not the green one) ... and it's a feast for your eyes ...
    Scene 4: Emilio Segura is a physical education teacher at Chambord in Loire and Cher. Every morning he goes for a run. That day in the woods he meets a guy smoking a cigarette on the edge of his car. The guy is quite young and sexy, and Emilio admonishes him. "Forget it, I'm not a homosexual..." Emilio tells him that he's not, because it would be pumped he's gay... and the power to insist, the young hetero will launch an attempt ... after all, in the forest of Chambord, there is no one but wild boars!