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    Scene 1: We are losing all matches and the French national team players are tired! On that day, Max LACOST and Rod MALEK had just lost their last game against the MINI BOY team! Referee Jordan FOX expresses morality and accuses Max LACOSTA of not being dynamic enough on the field ... Max loses his patience and replies: "Fuck you, you filthy son of a bitch!" ! And here it is, the deduction! ROD MALEK comes to the console of Max LACOSTA ... And just stick your tail in the gate, he will really like this game more

    Scene 2: Nathan loves looking for men in abandoned houses to let them down and have a good time. Luckily he finds Sebastian, and the truth is, they'll have a great time.

    Scene 3: Thierry MASTER from Toulouse has been working as a football referee for 3 years in a club in a village near Montpellier. One night he calls me and says, "There is a guy on the team who wants to be filmed while I shove my big cock up his hot ass ... Besides, it looks like a good dog, don't miss it." Fast we go there and the truth is that we have no regrets because only seeing Thierry's big dick does it make us horny and we also know young Ricky Dyme who seems to really like Thierry's big dick

    Scene 4: Oh, never fantasized with these beautiful surfers with long blonde hair? Mika has long dreamed of finding such a hot head ... And he found her! I made a surprise that day; I asked him to wait for me at home blindfolded and fuck a guy, not knowing what he looks like ... "Harf, he has a huge dick!" “... And yes, Matt SURFER is a blond surfer. How will Mick HELL react when he finds himself fucked by a real Surfer?