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    Ryan Jordan visits the HappyWoods spa and treatment center for the first time, and he's a little overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Carter Woods senses Ryan's excitement and promises Ryan that he will take care of him. Julian Brady is working out at the gym when recruiter Anthony Moore approaches him. He asks if Julian wants to sign up for a gym membership. Julian doesn't want to be disturbed, and Anthony is discouraged that he won't get any more recruits for the gym. Anthony follows Julian home, where he shows him the benefits of his special package. While Scott Finn is resting, trainer Dante Koll tries to get him up for a workout. Scott isn't very motivated to go to the gym, but Dante is determined to get him in shape one way or another, even if he has to work out right here in his bed. It's cold outside, but it's already hot in the gym: studs Justin Matthews and Dakota Payne are beating the sweat. Dakota's squats don't go unnoticed while Justin checks out his firm ass. After a quick tease in the shower, they both head home to indulge in post-gym euphoria!