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    Johnny Rapid picks up all his best buds and heads to 'Lake Need' for a boyhood adventure, but don't let the placid waters fool you, there's nonstop bareback action on deck in this sun-drenched adventure. Acclaimed director Edward James leads a houseboat on 'Lake Need' filled with horny studs who sail away with their best friends. On his first day on the boat, Jack Bailey corners Johnny Rapid on the top deck and drags his ass to the stretch until Johnny feeds him his seed. While the other boys are fishing, Blaine Porter takes Jack Bailey back to his room to get to know him and his hole better. Cyrus Stark and Jesse Bolton notice that Johnny has put in all the work, so they offer their holes as a thank you. The naked hike between Jax Tirio and Nick Sahara turns into an open-air cocksucker and ass-fucking session for all comers. So, come on! Grab your bags and join the guys at Lake of Need for a hot trip you'll never forget!