Scott Finn's broken arm made him lie down and get upset. He can't even jerk off now. But every dark cloud has a silver lining, and so, with nothing better to do, Carter Woods thinks he can also help Scott with his problem. For Jamie Steele, the only thing hotter than sniffing his neighbor's jock is trying his real cock. Lucky for him, both things are about to happen when Daryn Silvers catches him twisting his stuff. Elliot Finn takes the opportunity to steal some time with Dante Collet in the stable. Dante doesn't want to be caught by the bossman, but he doesn't mind when he catches Mark Long's ranch boy watching them from one of the stables. Jackson Cooper saw everything Mark Long was doing in the barn with those local boys, and while it made him see what Mark had under his overalls, it also made him more than a little jealous.