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    Here's a sexy superhero blockbuster that will blow your mind and rock your bottoms! Our story begins with the evil alien genius Phallus (Damian X. Dragon) and his ruthless minion (Shen Powers) carrying an apocalyptic message of death and domination from their spaceship hovering over Earth. This message reaches the eyes and ears of the Gay Avengers, a stalwart group of superheroes who are the universe's last hope against destruction. Our heroes (Axel Kane, David Ace, Dominic Pacifiko, Max Connor and Sir Jet) use their intelligence and always ready sexual prowess to save the day. Saving a universe in danger is hard work, but these superstudents never lose their sense of humor - or their fervent carnal desires for each other! Don't miss this fun and action-packed epic parodying your recent favorite superhero adventures on the big screen!