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    This is a movie that could only have been shot in the 70s! Inspired by the early years of gay liberation and the international film renaissance, director Pieter de Rim brings heaviness to blue cinema in this, his first feature and sex is integrated into the story in such a way that the two are inseparable, using pornography as a means to a greater end. In Paris, hairy Frenchman Yves (Marcus Giovanni) and blond American Adam (Michael Hardwicke) play games and link sexual tales and fantasies to each other, including a sex scene set to a dirty W.H. Auden's poem, Bill Held's 11th-century chapel solo, an all-black bathroom orgy, and the actual last known footage of Greta Garbo (shot from a window). Adam and Eve is his own alpha and omega, the real first and last gay pornography. Truly unique, this is a multi-award winning film.