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    Elder Terrant does not know what to expect when he is called into President Reed's office. The elderly man is serious, but quickly lets Terrant know how pleased he is with his work in the church. Sensing that a reward is needed, Reed offers Elder Terrant a special message. President Reed knows that trust is very important in the church, so he puts Elder Terrant to the test. He binds the young elder's hands behind his back so that the elder will fully trust the testing hands of President Reed. Elder Reed confesses that since their last meeting, he cannot stop masturbating thinking about President Reed. Elder understands, but warns Reed that these thoughts must be discarded, and that there are exercises the couple can practice to rid themselves of these carnal desires. President Reed asks Terran about rumors that he is engaging in impure activities with another guy. Terran does not deny it and readily submits to disciplinary measures.