Elder Lovell has been under a great deal of stress during all his sessions, and the caring Bishop Drakis can tell that the boy is reaching his breaking point. Not to crack under the pressure, the thoughtful priest rubs his body until the boy yearns for his throbbing cock. Bishop Drakis is showering when Elder Lovell walks in and asks if he can shave. Dante feels more than okay, in fact he tells Lovell to join him in the shower. Elder Lovell and Bishop Drakis summon Elder Avalon to discuss his recent transgressions. Jesse thinks all he has to do is say a few prayers, but he is surprised by a much more physical repentance. Elder Lovell and Bishop Drakis meet with Elder Avalon, who is interested in joining the congregation. Little did they know that his questions about their celibacy would lead them to some sinful activity.