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    Elder Blue is summoned by President Skye to a serious meeting where he is reprimanded for his tattoo. Elder Blue has tried to hide it, but now President Skye must teach him a lesson about the importance of adhering to the dress code. During a meeting with President Skye, Elder Blue tells him that he had impure thoughts and touched himself. President Skye tells him that he is not to be forgiven, but he must make sure he masturbates properly and encourages him to show him how he pleasures himself, Elder Blue is so good at his errands that he is going to get an anointing massage from President Skye. President Skye has a very important interview with Elder Blue in which he must make sure that the young man feels completely comfortable with his role and responsibilities in the organization. To President Skye's surprise, Elder Blue passed the test brilliantly, and now the older man is happy to reward his young acolyte.