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    Jax and Asher - No Condom: Tall, slender Jax and tanned, muscular Asher wore his sports belts all day, waiting for the right moment to take them off, and they were both so horny about it. “Let me see, let me see this,” Asher says, agitated, pulling down Jax's pants. Daniel and Jae - Bareback: "So Jae, what worries you the most when you think I'm fucking you?" - asks the muscular DILF Daniel. Sun-kissed cutie Jae thinks about it for a minute before answering. "Probably a big dick," replies the athletic Jae. "Have you ever been fucked in a movie?" Daniel asks. "No, I haven't," Jae replies, sticking his fingers into Daniel's mouth. Jack and Murray - Bareback: "I hit bottom for the first time!" says an agitated, agitated, athletic Murray. "Oh, he's got a treat," muscular Jack answers confidently. “I think I can take your cock,” replies the brown-haired Murray. Kellin and Philip - Bareback: Philip is back and Kellin breaks him! They played football to break the ice, but that wasn't really necessary - they got along right from the start as if they had been friends for a while. "I think we both love soccer balls, you know?" Kellin grinned at Malcolm and Ace - No condom: Malcolm couldn't hold back during the interview, so he went right for Ace's jeans to bare his ass and check out what he was working with today. "Yeah, look at this ... can't wait to get a piece of this!" Ace responded with a compliment.