Anthony Andrews and Leon Holt attend another lesson together at CocoDorm University. The teacher, Mr. Thompson, walks in and explains what it is about. According to the assignment board, they needed to know and understand the rules for meeting in the bedroom. Mr. Thompson gets Anthony and Leon to start by getting Anthony to work on sucking Leon's cock. TaetheDoug and TygaX are attending the next class, Bedroom Encounters 101, when Taiga sees that Tae is too relaxed. Student Teacher Daniel Thompson comes to tell them what is expected of them in this class. Tae and Taiga begin to take off their clothes and begin their assignment. Rogelio Hernandez is in one of the last high school, "Meeting in the bedroom, 102". TaigaH, a sophomore, enters and discovers that he is in the wrong class. Rogelio tells Taiga that he can teach him a few things and stay with a high school student. Armand Woodson and Daniel Thompson are stuck in custody. Armand explains that he was put there for being too crazy and that got Daniel's attention. He asks Armand to show him what strange things he has, and Armand comes over to suck Daniel's cock. As soon as Daniel's big cock gets hard, he tilts Armand and eats him, preparing him for a hard fuck. Armand takes this big dick like a real freak, moans as it goes deep.