Lustful Michael Jackman arrives at Ryan Jordan's house filled with anticipation of a night of delicious experimentation. This bottom is eager to bite the top of another man, and the night does not disappoint. Tensions aren't the only thing that builds up as the dynamite Will Brown and his partner wait for the boys to approach them. After a brazen night of seduction is scheduled for this bareback boyfriend exchange, there are some delicious experiments on their menu. Scott Finn and Ryan Jordan are two assistants on porn sets and they get used to it, but not the way they like it. During the break, they both agree that they should have sex and not just watch people get it. With no one around, stepbrothers Trevor Luster and Jackson Trainor only have a few hours to kill until their parents return home. They think they have friends, but Trevor convinces Jackson that they both can have fun in their own way.