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    Bishop Jesse is well aware of the status of the elder chosen to assist in the anointing ceremony, so when he chooses the energetic Mason to assist him with Elder Madden in the ceremonial chamber, he expects a willing and accepting acolyte. Bishop Jesse has some concerns about Elder Starz, so he encourages Elder Daniels to question him about his friend; Daniels is happy to answer all of Jesse's questions and agrees that together they should confront Starz about his failings. Jesse knows that some bishops tend to exaggerate when it comes to the talents of elders, but the story of Starth intrigues him so much that he finds that his curiosity makes him discern facts from fiction. Perfection of both mind and body is the goal for the Elders of the Order, and Jesse sees a desire to achieve these goals in Young Mason. His obedient and caring nature are qualities that Jesse believes all Elders should have.