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    He has what it takes: a smile. Muscles. Dick. All he needs is a big break to get into the business. Luckily for Liam Knox, a chance encounter gives him the opportunity to audition as TitanMan's exclusive mate Jesse Jackman and Dallas Steele to show him the ropes. Shirtless runner Liam Knox is distracted on his run by a familiar stranger, Dirk Kaber, who opens a door for him and opens up a world of possibilities. Dirk Caber takes Liam Knox to the set, where he gets a taste on the set with a four-way sucker - the two leave so that the hung Dallas Steele and Alex Mekam can show off their skills. Liam Knox prepares to shoot by visiting co-star Jesse Jackman, who is unable to control his attraction when the superstar's house gets a flip-fuck.