Next Door Studios is proud to present Army Grunts, a collection of military studios and their hideous sex hats. When soldier Darin Silvers leaves to attend some business, he doesn't know much about Brendan Phillips looking for a connection for a small B&E. Darin returns before Brandon finishes work and catches him red-handed. Instead of calling the cops, Darin starts to unbutton his uniform, and Brendan realizes that something else is about to be hacked. As Luke Milan stands tied up and blindfolded at the request of Investigator Johnny Tork, it occurs to him that he might be fucked, figuratively speaking.After all, cheating is not a crime that the military takes lightly, and Johnny seems to be particularly insistent on trying to get Luke to confess his devious behavior. But when Johnny rips off Luke's shirt and slaps his tanned breasts, Luke finally realizes that he too could literally be fucked. Private Damien Michaels has just returned home from duty and his girlfriend is giving him trouble. His buddy Brandon Moore thinks he deserves better, especially after being in the army for so long without action, so Brandon takes matters into his own hands and mouth. Also starring Jason Maddox, Johnny Smash and Alexander Gustavo, you will surely enjoy watching these army grumblers grumble, moan, and moan from all their pumped up sexual tension.

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