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    Kristof Trnka is a good looking guy with a lovely firm and slim body. He strips down to his underwear and lays on his belly, on the bed, to await a massage. The masseur arrives, also in only his underwear, and gets to working using oil. His oily hands start to work on Kristof's shoulders first, and his neck. Then they glide all over the back, returning to the shoulders. The back glistens with oil as the hands move up and down it, working on Kristof's spine. Then the hands push the underwear from Kristof's sexy ass. They glide over the ass and into the cracks too. Long strokes go all down the spine and onto that hot ass. Petr Jarena is a great looking str8 guy who came in for a massage. He looks so good as he strips down to his underwear, showing off his magnificent body, and lays on the bed to await the arrival of his masseur. The masseur soon joins him and Petr mentions that his whole body aches. The masseur takes some oil and gets to work on Petr's shoulders. The neck and shoulders are worked deeply and then the hands begin to move down the back too. The underwear is slid off Petr's sexy ass so that the cheeks can be massaged as well. Leo Lombar is an extremely handsome and very well built guy. He looks magnificent as he strips down to his underwear for his massage. He shows off his beautiful hairy chest and hot muscles and then lays on the bed to await the masseur. As he waits his underwear fits tightly around his beautiful ass. The masseur arrives and gets to work with some oil, massaging Leo's shoulders and back. The hands work the shoulders and neck and then begin to work down Leo's back. The underwear is pushed down off that sexy ass. The two huge buns are beautifully rounded and the hands glide easily over them.