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Follow the instructions below to watch the movie on your computer. To watch the movie, you need to download all the parts and unzip parts 1 through 7 (or more archives). Only if you download all the parts and unzip them to your computer, only then is the film available to watch in the video extension MP4 (Use any video player to view the video after unzipping).

To decompress the files to get the full downloaded movie, you need to use one of these archiver programs like WinRAR, Unzip, 7-Zip or others to decompress it.

When you download all the parts, you need to extract them with one of the programs pointed out in the post earlier. This is the only way you will get the video.

In general, follow my instructions:
1) Download all the parts of the movie from the website (parts 1 through 7 (or more archives)).
2) Install a program to extract the movie from the archives. (WinRar, 7-Zip, Unzip or other archivers.)
3) Use the program to extract the full movie from the archives.

Regards to you, administration GAY-TOP.NET

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